K12Excellence TeacherViewTM

"Students who enjoy a close and supportive relationship with a teacher are more engaged in that they work harder in the classroom, persevere in the face of difficulties, accept teacher direction and criticism, cope better with stress, and attend more to the teacher."

Source - Jan Hughes and Oi-man Kwok; J Educ Psychol. 2007 February; 99(1): 39-51

There is a proven link between student achievement and the student's relationship to their teachers. Teachers having an understanding of a student's learning style, achievements and struggles can motivate a child to attain higher levels of academic success. K12Excellence TeacherView™ is a web based secured tool where teachers create a profile and have access to real-time information about their classes and students including attendance, grades, standardized test scores. K12Excellence TeacherView™ also includes the ability to create academic development plans for students and their track progress against the plan. In addition to the review of student information the portal includes curriculum planning, alignment to state standards, student assessments, parent communication tools, school & district events and much more. Teachers can collaborate with other teachers within their district including lesson plans and resources. Communication with counselors, librarians and other school employees to assist you with your daily responsibilities. You can also directly communicate with their student's parents, create a class webpage, or form letters. The portal contains tools to provide the best educational environment for your students.

The tools are simple to use yet provide valuable insight on how your class is performing. The tool will increase your knowledge of your classroom while reducing your effort associated with all the many tasks you need to perform. The portal will assist you by streamlining tasks are not currently available in any other resource available to you.

What the portal does:

Support Me

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