For Parents

K12Excellence ParentView™ is a web based secured portal where parents can log in using their own profile and track the progress of their children at school. The portal gives parents access to real-time information including attendance, grades, detailed assignment descriptions, standardized test scores, school events, bus schedules, lunch menus and much more. Parents can also collaborate with peer parents, teachers, librarians and other school employees to ensure their child reaches their highest potential.

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For Teachers

K12Excellence TeacherView™ is a web based secured portal where teachers create a profile and have access to real-time information about their classes and students. It gives comprehensive views into academic performance, including attendance, grades, standardized test scores, and much more. The portal also includes the ability to create academic development plans for students and to track their progress against the plan.

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For Administrators

K12Excellence AdministratorView™ provides decision makers with the ability to track and measure key performance indicators and drill down to gain insight and understanding. The portals and dashboards offer a quick, simple, and effective way to communicate key components of the school district's performance to stakeholders.

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