For Parents

K12Excellence ParentView™ is a secure web based portal where parents can log in and track the progress of their children at school. The portal gives parents access to real-time information including attendance, grades, detailed assignment descriptions, standardized test scores, school events, bus schedules, lunch menus and much more.

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For Teachers

K12Excellence TeacherView™ is a web based secured tool where teachers create a profile and have access to real-time information about their classes and students including attendance, grades, standardized test scores. K12Excellence TeacherView also includes the ability to create academic development plans for students and their track progress against the plan.

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For Administrators

Making decisions - made easy! We offer portals and dashboards that offer a quick and simple way to communicate key components of the school district to stakeholders.

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What We Do

At K12Excellence, we revolutionize the way schools and school districts operate by providing them with customizable business intelligence tools and processes. By utilizing our portals, schools and administrators can harvest valuable insights and pursue a data driven culture that aligns with the goals of the district. We empower the parents, teachers, principals and school administrators with the ability to reach their highest potential by putting timely, relevant, and actionable tools and reports at their fingertips.

K12Excellence ParentView™

"Generally, when parents participate in their children's education, both at home and at school, and experience relationships with teachers characterized by mutuality, warmth, and respect, students achieve more, demonstrate increased achievement motivation, and exhibit higher levels of emotional, social, and behavioral adjustment"

Source - Jan Hughes and Oi-man Kwok; J Educ Psychol. 2007 February; 99(1): 39-51.

Our Giving Program

There is a proven link between student achievement and parent involvement in the overall success of every child. Districts can empower parents! At K12Excellence, we are committed to helping parents and school districts guide students to achieve their goals. In support of this effort, we want to provide eligible districts with the tools and best practices through our "Giving Program" at no cost.